Mission and Purpose

Mission Statement

The mission of the Upper Brushy Creek WCID is to "maintain and improve flood control structures and take appropriate measures to protect public safety as well as economic infrastructure of the District, in consultation and cooperation with other governmental entities. The District will actively foster a regional perspective and will encourage cooperation among governmental entities. We will accomplish these tasks utilizing cost-effective methods, minimizing the impact to the environment, considering the community values of our stakeholders, and conducting our business with openness, honesty and integrity."  (Amended December 2010)


The purpose of the original Brushy Creek Water Control and Improvement District No. 1, as outlined in House Bill No. 53 1, Chapter 341,55th Regular Session of the Texas Legislature in 1957, follows:

"Sec. 6. For the purpose of providing dams, structures, projects, and works of improvement for flood prevention, the conservation and development of water, and for other necessary plants, facilities, and equipment in connection therewith....

Sec. 7. The fact that the State as a whole has a vital interest in the conservation of its waters, that said District should proceed as quickly as possible with its water program so the waters of the State can be preserved, ...."

The bill unanimously passed the House on April 4, 1957, unanimously passed the Senate on May 14 1957, was approved and became effective on May 3 1,1957. The purpose adopted by the original WCID was subsequently retained by each new district after the original district was divided in the November 2001 general election.