Knowledge is Power

The District continues to collect and provide links to videos that we believe the residents will find helpful. Many of our videos are sourced from the Association of State Dam Safety Officials (ASDSO). If you have a suggested video or topic please let us know.

Dam Basics- Is a broad overview of how dams work, information for dam owners, and risks associated with dams. (Source: ASDSO 9 minutes)

Dam Overtopping- Illustrates how dams operate under heavy rainfall conditions. (Source:ASDSO 1 minute)

Dams and Extreme Rainfall Events- (Source: ASDO 8 min)

Maintenance of Dams-Illustrates routine maintenance and care of dams.(Source: ASDSO 2 minutes)

How Spillways Work- Illustrates how spillways are designed to work covering primary and auxiliary spillways. (Source:Practical Engineering 8 minutes)

Aerial Videos of Our Dams- Links to aerial footage of District dams that have public access (Many of the District's dams are located on private property.)(Source: District produced- Each video is a few minutes long.)