Living With Dams

There are more than 85,000 dams in the United States. Most states are home to hundreds – or thousands – of dams of regulatory size. Texas has the most dams with more than 7,000 while Delaware has the fewest with only 86 dams.

The Upper Brushy Creek WCID is the local sponsor of 23 earthen dams across southwestern Williamson County. The District is also home to over 400,000 people stretching from Leader to Hutto. If you leave in the area, chances are there’s a dam near you, to find out check out our interactive mapping tool.

Live Near a Dam?

If you live near a dam, you should be aware of a couple of things: 

All Dams have Risks

District maintains dams and works to minimize dam risks but we cannot remove all risk. Learn more about how all dams have risks.

Dams Do Not Prevent All Flooding

Learn more about where flooding can occur and how to plan for flooding. Remember dams do not prevent all flooding.

You can Help Protect the Dams

Not all maintenance is for weather-or age-related deterioration. Learn more about how you can help protect the dams that protect us.